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Active UK Distillery Map

After politely asking for a list of active distilleries in the UK from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and subsequently being declined, we at Slanjj took it upon ourselves to find them and pinpoint them on a map.

HMRC says there were at least 563 active British distilleries as of 2020, but we have managed to locate 586, and we're not done yet! We have tried to be as thorough as possible and have linked each distillery with their respective Instagram page where possible. Please see our results below:

A key will provide some more information for the map:

Blue - Predominantly Single Malt Whisky

Green - Predominately Clear/White Spirits (Gin, Vodka etc)

Purple - Predominately other Dark/Brown Spirits (Dark Rum, Brandy etc)

Yellow - Predominately Grain Alcohol 

Red - In construction or not yet producing 

This map has been created as an open source information and wish for it to be used by all. We also welcome input from anyone so if there is any mistakes or if we’ve missed anyone, let us know -

We plan on doing lots more interactive maps like this so follow us on our social pages to keep updated.