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At Slanjj we have developed a full suite of import, marketing, and distribution services to give any brand entering the UK, the best possible chance at success. We’ve teamed up with an excellent import and distributor partners to offer the following services:

Basic Import and Distribution Package

  • Importing under bond into our warehouse
  • Access to all current sales channels via our wholesalers, online partners and physical retailers

Package add-ons that can be suited to any budget and ambitions

  • Sales strategy piece - one-off piece
  • Marketing mail out to retail partners in the UK to promote brand and get it to shelves - one-off activity
  • Amazon management and development - we're developing two tiers of services with Amazon to reflect different ambitions and budgets
  • Data for focused sales campaigns
  • Ongoing marketing support via focused campaigns
  • Social media management

Further marketing and brand promotion by Slanjj

  • Brand promotion at UK based whisky festivals and events – list of events availably and client can choose which/how many to attend
  • Marketing to 120+ local and independent whisky/spirit retailers in Scotland and across Britain
  • Sales and brand promotion through whisky subscription services. These services are currently very popular in the UK and have proven very good at increasing brand awareness of non-UK whisky brands looking to get in the UK

We are confident we can offer a full package to suit any brand looking to enter the UK.