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About Us

Slanjj was set up to provide both physical products and services to the whisky and wider spirits industry.

Our first, and what continues to be one of our main lines of business is our distillery maps and spirits related artworks. These created by various artists and printed locally. Slanjj has compiled a selection of these pieces to give a range of wall arts that cannot be found in anywhere else.

The wall arts are not exclusive to the website. Slanjj can be seen travelling both nationally and internationally selling at various whisky and spirits festivals.

Slanjj Festival

Asides from the physical products, Slanjj has been able to help and provide import and export services to both commercial and non-commercial customers. This has been made possible by the extensive network of logistics and distribution partners that Slanjj has partnered with.

After Brexit, import and export of goods, especially alcoholic ones, became increasing difficult and we saw an oppportunity. What started as a low volume solution to help clients get specific bottles either to or from Britain, has lead to Slanjj helping full scale distilleries find an alternative way to getting their product on to the British market space.

This is where we are now, but we have many more plans for the future so stay connected to keep abreast of new developments.